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Sanjin Korac Aug 8th, 2013

Transcom Pula celebrates three years of success

Earlier this year, an ancient and elegant palace in the center of Pula, Croatia, hosted a birthday celebration: the third anniversary of Transcom in Pula. Good vibrations were sensed as soon as Pula’s employees gathered in the villa’s garden and the positive mood kept increasing as we were soon joined by several of our clients along with local and regional politicians.

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A cappella choir introduced the event with the national anthems of Croatia and Italy, followed by the opening speeches of our Site Manager Simone Santarelli  and our Regional General Manager Roberto Boggio, who took a path down memory lane during which he described the birth and exponential growth of our young site.

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The mayor of the city of Pula came next on stage recalling the importance and the benefits brought by Transcom to  the city and its inhabitants.

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One by one, our clients delivered their nice speeches as well. They arrived from different parts of Italy and operate in different industries – telecommunications, insurance, media and travel – yet the thing they have in common is the mutual gratitude, satisfaction and trust they feel with Transcom. After taking a moment to remember that the success of Transcom Pula comes from its employees, the time came to award those who were seen as the most worthy in the past year. Each client handed the award to the CSR and Team Leader of the year for their own project. It was another defining moment for what is already a great business relationship.  A few special prizes were also given to people with special functions in the company – our Scheduler, our IT and a Product Specialist. The official part of the ceremony ended with the last award delivered and a picture of the awarded people all together on the stage with our clients and their managers.

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Afterwards, stories and visions were shared. In a relaxed setting, we and our partners discussed ideas for how to remain successful and gather again next year in Pula to celebrate another year filled with accomplishments.

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Pictures were taken and awards were given. However, the greatest memory we took home that day is the awareness that we are part of an important reality that we ourselves helped build and grow, with teamwork and determination. It is with these thoughts in mind that we push ourselves to do better and better everyday.  It is with these thoughts that we acknowledge that we only have ourselves to surpass tomorrow.

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