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Helene Ruda May 29th, 2019

Transcom North America Achieves Certification to the COPC Customer Experience Standard for a Work-From-Home Technical Support Program

COPC Inc., a global consulting firm that helps companies improve operations to transform the customer experience, today announced that Transcom North America has earned certification to the COPC Customer Experience (CX) Standard for Outsource Service Providers. Transcom North America operates a large U.S. and Canadian footprint of work-from-home advisors supporting a variety of client programs. This instance of COPC Inc. certification applies to a work-from-home program providing technical support services for a major Transcom client with operations throughout the U.S.

“Transcom demonstrated a tremendous amount of passion, knowledge and cohesiveness throughout the certification process,” said Cyndy Edwards, director, COPC Inc., and the lead auditor on the Transcom certification project. “By completing the COPC Inc. certification process, Transcom was able to streamline their recruiting practices, improve output, and strengthen management practices throughout their client’s program. We’re pleased to see that Transcom and their clients are already reaping the benefits of COPC certification.”

The COPC CX Standard is a robust, scalable and rigorous performance management system for contact center operations and is employed by many of the world’s top brands. The COPC Inc. certification process is divided into three steps: 1) a COPC Inc. baseline assessment audit of the call center operation to the COPC CX Standard; 2) COPC Inc. structured support and training to close any gaps and improve performance; and 3) a certification audit by the COPC Inc. team to validate performance and continuous improvement.

Certification to the COPC CX Standard demonstrates an organization’s commitment to excellence and validates their achievement of high performance for quality, efficiency, service, and customer satisfaction. The COPC CX Standard is managed by the COPC Standards Committee, comprised of industry leaders and innovators.

"I’m delighted that Transcom AMR has achieved COPC certification given this is a universally recognized mark of quality, and I trust this adds to further evidence that Transcom is continuing to invest and grow our AMR work-at-home business," states Mark Lyndsell, Transcom CEO, Global English Region.

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